My name is Steven Bloom.  As a Strategic Intervention Coach, I am passionate about providing assistance to clients who require life or career management coaching.  I help people think clearly and identify the patterns of thinking and behaviour that block them from reaching their goals and the feeling of fulfilment.

With nearly 30 years of experience across many large organisations. I have had a variety of roles working in sales, technical consulting, IT Operations, training, project management, marketing, and telesales.  This has provided me with diverse experience working with individuals and groups across different industries both private and public, and in countries from USA, Australia, and Asia Pacific.

Whether working with individual clients or conducting presentations to large corporate groups, what I enjoy most is providing an environment that facilitates change and inspiration that will lead you to greater satisfaction and happiness.

I thrive on assisting my clients to achieve success through understanding their needs, identifying the outcomes, and determining how to attain them. Key success comes from good communication and this influences everything from their work to their relationships with friends, family, partners, and at work.  Building trust, and open communication is the cornerstone of relationships we maintain which lead to a high performing culture.

My clients tell me I am collaborative, engaging, and professional. I have a strong customer service ethic and have always focussed on the development of individuals, teams, and organisations to enhance performance and organisational effectiveness.

I’m a graduate of Australian Graduate School of Management (Sydney University), and The Robbins Madanes Training Centre in Strategic Intervention and Coaching.  He holds certifications in Everything DiSC personal profiles & DiSC 363 For Leaders.  He is also a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, and uses Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques for teams needing to decrease stress, anxiety, and increase productivity and health in the workplace.